We did it!

No, we don't mean us. We're referring to people like you who came down to support us, who helped us get the word out, and who joined us in the conversation. 

With your help, the first-ever w\m/c made a very big noise, with fans, academics, politicians, artists, and industry-types from all around the world joining under a common banner to celebrate, to share ideas, and to talk about the future of this music and this music and this culture.

Thank you.

It seems the world noticed, too, and we've made waves in the media which we really weren't prepared for. Even more importantly, we feel like something important has happened, and we think it should continue to happen. Until then though we're going to kick up our heels and think about what's next, and we invite you to do the same: get in touch, check out our galleries and our film of the event, and let us know what you'd like to see, and let's build this thing together. Thank you for all your support, and watch this space.

Alexander, Lina, Niall, Josh, and everyone behind the w\m/c